Friday, July 11, 2008

America and the MDR Syndrome

America and the MDR Syndrome

Are the Americans suffering from the MDR Syndrome? Must be! They even do not respect free speech, let alone democracy. They removed most innocent question like this one called “Yahoo question”.

Iraq Was Invaded to Secure Israel and Israeli security guard Dick Cheney confessed that Iraq pullout would hurt Israel.

Israelis control America! As a result the USA misused and abused veto power and the extent of the blind folded illegal and immoral American support resulted in A list of UN Resolutions against "Israel". Ultimately, Israel's lawlessness made the UNO virtually useless and unworkable.

MDR Syndrome: People who love to rape their own mothers or daughters for the satisfaction of their mistress called Israel are considered to be suffering from the MDR Syndrome.

Americans have been earning hate and condemnation for Israel and now they are embracing the newly recognised MDR Syndrome! Do you know why?

Now the Americans are allowing Israel to use Iraqi soil to nuke Iran!! What a madness?! I think only people who are suffering from the MDR Syndrome are capable of this kind of insanity.

The Enemy of Mankind is Israel, Why do we have to suffer for Zionist Israel?, Why the hell we are tolerating this terrorist state? and We Got the Right to Punish Israel; the article below supports the fact that the whole world earned the right to eliminate this terrorist state called Israel. They are a threat to world peace and enemy of mankind.

Source: Free Australia Now